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Hi there, I'm David J. Leon, PharmD.  Welcome to The Trade Study.

I started investing and trading in 2014 and have been able to grow small amounts of cash into high returns.  Did you know, you can make higher returns than your savings account by just making one to three successful trades a year.

I have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy.  My education background and work experience is dedicated to being a life-long learner.  I have worked in different community pharmacies, hospitals, and completed research experiences.  I have always enjoyed helping others in the medical field and now want to assist those interested in trading, investing, gaining extra income, etc.

My background in the stock market comes from being self taught online and having a few mentors show me the path to achieving financial stability.  I was able to flip my net worth from down negative 6 figures into a positive 6 figures within 2 and a half years.  I am not a financial advisor and anybody can learn how to build wealth.  I have shadowed a handful of brick & mortar training programs and do not agree with their philosophy of restricting such education to high income earners.  I strongly believe financial education should be low cost and accessible to all socioeconomic classes.


Why now? I have received tons of positive feedback from friends I have helped and I'm ready to do more! Let's face it, the financial industry is shady and will take advantage of your hard earned dollars.  Also our current education system and schools don't touch on the subject of financial literacy.  My goal is to simplify trading and investing to make it easy and fun to learn.  


"I'm so glad I jumped in on this, the input and work to the craft is top tier.  I'm a huge supporter and will continue to support"

Alex B. - Physician Assistant

"The Trade Study makes a lot of sense and I love all this info"

Tony L. - Real Estate Agent

“The Trade Study has value and it's great right now that the world is very interested in the stock market.  The Trade Study has helped me a lot and I'm a big advocate"

Leo E. - Business Owner


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