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Intel (INTC)

Market Cap: $213B

P/E: 10.19

INTC has had a rough year and has been playing catchup against its competitors due to delays on their next-generation 7nm chips.  So why am I bring up this name when one can invest in AMD which seems to be capturing INTC market share.  INTC is still a vast company that has multiple businesses under it, one specifically that catches my attention is their autonomous vehicle project.  INTC completed an acquisition of Mobileye which has technology in the autonomous vehicle arena and recently Mobileye signed with a Luminar who is a new tech company that focuses on autonomous vehicle tech.  Specifically the company is working on sensors for the first generation of such vehicles.  The goal with Mobileye has always been to have robotaxis out on the road by 2022 and it is fast approaching!  Seriously, check out the YouTube videos on this, it is mighty impressive.  Also don’t forget that having your cash parked in INTC will give you a dividend too.  

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Market Cap: $113B

P/E: 131.20

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has performed exceptionally well in the market and continues to display bullish growth opportunities.  The delay of Intel’s 7nm chip caused a significant amount of market share to shift from Intel to AMD.  The conferences and product line up that has been put together by AMD has been mighty impressive.  AMD is also planning to take even more market share from Intel by further building upon their datacenter business.  If AMD can continue this momentous drive up and capture such market share from Intel’s superior data center numbers business, things can get very interesting.

Coca Cola (KO)

Market Cap: $231B

P/E: 27.93

A healthy dividend yield, a blue chip company endorsed by legendary investor Mr. Buffett and pretty much a bulletproof name that continues to take care of your hard earned money.  A steady name that looks to continue to deliver consistent numbers and possible future growth by investing into the seltzer market which is anticipated to grow from $4B to $14.5B by 2027.  Great name to get steady, secure exposure to the future of the seltzer market. 

AT&T (T)

Market Cap: $210.5B

P/E: 19.4

A high dividend yield paying stock that acts as practically fixed income.  AT&T has been in the spotlight of heated debates between their recent corporate actions.  Large investment activist group Elliot Management exited their significant position in the company which some feared extremely bearish.  For me, telecommunications is an essential service that will always be needed especially as seen in the pandemic era.  Is AT&T a safe bulletproof investment like Coca Cola or other dividend names that have been around? I don’t think so, but the company has made a strong effort to pay down debt and has enough free cash flow to continue providing its generous dividend for at least another one to two years out.  VZ (Verizon) and TMUS (T-Mobile) are also great telecommunication names to look at as well. 

Palantir Technologies Inc. (PLTR)

Market Cap: $44.8B

P/E: ---

PLTR (Palantir Technologies Inc.) is new to the stock market but not a new company.  Investing in PLTR gives exposure to non-government and government customers who utilize Gotham and Foundry software platforms.  These platforms are utilized by defense and intelligence agencies which utilizes data technologies, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and was even used for optimizing covid vaccination distribution.  After I looked the S1 filing for the company, I can say with confidence this is a great company, pulling in significant revenue with future growth potential.  If you’re looking for exposure to tech but also defense, this is a great name to hold a position in. 

SnapChat (SNAP)

Market Cap: $71.7B

P/E: ---

Anybody who has been following The Trade Study may know about this name already.  I pounded the table on SNAP along with other analysts at $15 and still continue to add to my pile of shares.  Snapchat continues to improve on their numbers and is taking advantage of the pandemic era.  Daily active users and number of snaps being created daily set new records for the application.  Advertising within the app has been able to generate significant revenue and the growth story here is real (Hello Facebook 2.0?).  This is a great way to play the social media, digital advertising space.  Snapchat has continued to impress and if the good news keeps coming, this can easily be a $100+ stock in my opinion. 

AgEagle aerial systems (UAVS)

Market Cap: $156.5M

P/E: ---

UAVS (AgEagle Aerial Systems) is a high risk, high reward penny stock that has started to get the attention of big institutions and institutional buying.  This is a company that focuses on design of a specific drone that is designed to deliver high quality precision agriculture.  The company has been viewed as a potential player in the e-commerce, technology space as a potential delivery vehicle for moving items from warehouses to customers.  I love this idea and I’m ok with putting some money down in this speculative name. 

Amazon (AMZN)

Market Cap: $1586B

P/E: 92.62

There is not much to say about this name… Amazon keeps growing, keeps delivering stellar results with each earnings report, and is now entering the pharmacy business.  It’s clear the runway for AMZN is set for even more growth.  E-commerce is a great market area to be involved in, and if you’re looking for an alternative name to look into, then try SHOP (Shopify). 

Virgin galactic (SPCE)

Market Cap: $6.7B

P/E: ---

Do you like the idea of space exploration or tourism? Welcome to SPCE, a very high risk, high reward, speculative play filled with shareholders that have a cult-like mentality (Hello Tesla 2.0?).  Tesla faced numerous difficulties years back to get to where it is today and we see almost the same movie playing out here in SPCE.  The only issue is that EVs are scalable, not sure how rockets and space tourism can be scalable? I'm not a fan of SPCE, but if you're looking for a moonshot or casino-like play, this name has potential.

Square (SQ)

Market Cap: $93.9B

P/E: 449.78

SQ made its debut in 2015 at $9 and has returned over about 800% in just 4 years.  A high growth name that trades at a expensive price but why does it work and make sense to keep an eye on this name? The expansion of their ecosystem, most of the transactions I make at retail stores are through SQ payment systems.  Their earnings have been phenomenal, customer database keeps growing exponentially, and digital payments have become a standard (special thanks to COVID for accelerating this process).  SQ and Paypal have the potential to become major disrupters in this decade.  

AbbVIe (ABBV) 

Market Cap: $181.5B

P/E: 22.78

I do mention ABBV quite often on Instagram to followers of The Trade Study and for good reason.  The company brings growth to the table AND a generous dividend yield.  It was also revealed in the third quarter, Berkshire invested in pharmaceutical stocks such as ABBV.  Although the company's #1 profit machine Humira patent expiration is coming soon, the pipeline and drug portfolio is mighty impressive (i.e. Rinvoq, Skyrizi, Venclexta).  You know what else ABBV has upcoming, recently announced in 2020? The acquisition of Botox being added to their portfolio, maybe that will keep Humira worries away.

viking therapeutics (VKTX)

Market Cap: $488M

P/E: ---

VKTX is a small speculative biotech company that is aiming towards a goal of creating a drug to treat nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) in patients.  Study data suggests the selective thyroid-beta-agonists used produce potent lipid reductions and present favorable safety profiles.  Oral once daily dosing is another outstanding positive to this drug product to ensure patient adherence.  Currently there is no pharmacolgic treatment available to treat this severe disease and many companies have tried, resulting in failure trying to achieve such therapy.  VKTX still has cash available and key follow up dates to their studies for 2021.  How big is the NASH market space potentially? It only valued at about $2.9B in 2019 and now projected to reach $54B by 2027.  

Medical properties trust (MPW)

Market Cap: $11.53

P/E: 24.43

A real estate investment trust (REIT) that focuses on investing in healthcare facilities across the US.  There are numerous REIT ideas to invest in as we prepare to phase out of the pandemic but this one is my favorite.  First, they have collected 100% of rent whereas others have noticed a decrease in rent collections.  Second, the company owns hospitals and about 42,000 patient beds where government is stepping in and providing relief to these healthcare systems.  Therefore, these healthcare systems are able to expand and pay rent appropriately as needed.  This is an excellent example of parking your money and collecting a generous 5% dividend yield that is paid quarterly.    

Draftkings Inc. (DKNG)

Market Cap: $21.1B

P/E: ---

The pandemic has changed many different functions of life and everyday living activities.  DKNG is a digital sports entertainment and gaming company.  The days of Las Vegas or having to physically go somewhere to set up bets on different sports or events are fading thanks to having such access and technology available at your fingertips.  Hello, Online Casino! This is a name that provided a unique buying opportunity after a sell off and now trades at about the $50 stock price range.  Very much like SQ as mentioned earlier, I can see this name being a disruptor and with the significant ability of scalability to be accessible via any smart phone device.  I originally was not a big fan of this idea at first, but it has grown on me and will definitely keep an eye on it.  


None of this is a recommendation or advice to purchase or sell any securities.  For educational use only.

Stocks included in The Next Decade of Tech and Growth Report are not included here and can be found in the shop.

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